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The Iron Dragon Tactical School of Self Defense teaches the Traditional Style of Kenpo Karate.  It is a realistic approach of Self Defense.  We are a proud member of the Iron Dragon Martial Arts Institute, located in Roseville, California, and founded by Grand Master Ray Arquilla.  The style of Martial Arts for all students is primarily Kenpo.  As a student progresses in the Base Art, other Arts will be introduced as part of their curriculum.  This enhances their Base Art and increases their learning curve.  Our system is excellent in promoting essential motor skills like coordination, balance, strength and flexibility through the Martial Arts movements.  Students will also benefit from the traditional teaching of instilling respect, discipline, self-esteem, focus, and self confidence through a positive social interaction.  Weapons of variety will be introduced in many phases of training for practical and traditional training.  Cane Masters, Cane-Fu, and Kubotan classes are a few other belted or certificated programs provided.  We also provide Tactical Training taught by Master Stan Toscano.  He is a certified P.O.S.T. Instructor specializing in Defensive Tactics, Impact Weapons and Firearms Instructor with a life-time teaching credential from the State of California.  Law enforcement individuals can benefit from his basic academy training classes.  Prepare yourself for what ever comes your way by the training offered from this school.


Kenpo Karate is an Art created by ancient Samurai Warriors of Japan to deal with the most severe self defense situations.  "Kenpo (Ken means fist, Po means Law).  "Karate" (Kara means empty, and Te means Hand).  Fist Law or Law of the Fist, no weapons.  Kenpo is the first Americanized Martial Art.  Historically, Kenpo was introduced into the Hawaiian Islands by James Mitose.  Mitose was sent to Japan when he was three years old to receive a formal education, including Martial Arts.   He returned to the U.S. in the late 1930's and opened a Kenpo school in 1942.  One of his students in Hawaii was William Chow.  Chow was twenty-six years old when he started training with Mitose.  Many years later he received his Black Belt from another instructor named Thomas Young.  Grand Master Ed Parker (the Father of American Kenpo) was another student of Mitose's.  Grand Master Ray Arquilla started training in 1965 under the Tracy Kenpo System.  He was awarded Judan, 10th Degree Master status in 1992.  He holds the rank of #3 Master in the Art off Kosho-Shorei Kenpo from Great Grand Master James Mitose.  The Iron Dragon Kenpo is the only self defense Art taught today that is designed to protect the individual by any, and all, means necessary.  Kenpo, by its powerful philosophy and devastating hand techniques, enables the individual to use enough force necessary to dissuade, disable, injure, or neutralize the assailant.  The Iron Dragon Martial Arts Institute is the Head Quarters School located in Roseville, California.  It is founded and operated by Grand Master Ray Arquilla with over forty-five years of  continual training in Martial Arts. The Iron Dragon Tactical School of Self Defense is a proud member of the IDMAI.  The lineage and Kenpo history that we have through Grand Master Arquilla are an integral part of our future.  With the addition of Master Toscano's knowledge, over thirty years of Law Enforcement experience, and over 27 years of Martial Arts training with the Grand Master, few can compare to the realism our training can prepare you for.  It gives students a good, solid foundation for any situation that may arise.  


The style of Martial Arts for all students primarily will be Kenpo.  As a student continues to progress in their Base Art, other Arts will be introduced as part of their curriculum to enhance their Base Art and increase their learning curve.  We develop students minds and bodies by promoting essential motor skills.  Some skills are; strengthening your coordination, balance, strength and flexibility through Martial Arts movements.  Other skills learned are discipline, respect, self esteem, confidence, and focusing through positive social interaction.  Weapons of variety will be introduced in different phases of training.


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